We believe in being straight forward with you. No gimmicks and no hidden additional fees. We simply want to provide a premium service for a affordable price! We know that everyone does not have the same cleaning needs for their home. Because of that we create customized packages for each of our clients... and their budget!

Our Presidential Executive Cleaning Services are not a part of our General Executive Cleaning Service, however with our General Executive Cleaning Services, we usually include one Presidential Executive Cleaning Service based on the choice of our technicians! With our attention to detail and giving the pleasure to clients of always getting more for their money, we are sure to bring that Therapeutic Clean feeling to your home! 

Prices for our cleaning service

Our prices are the following:

  •            $40.00 per hour for General Services ( 3 hour minimum for any residential property)

  •            $50.00 per hour for Presidential Services ( 2 hour minimum for any residential property )

General Cleaning

  1. Clean Glass Doors (One set always included)
  2. Light Dusting from Ceiling to Floor within Reach.
  3. Empty Trash 
  4. Make Beds
  5. Make Rooms Neat & Orderly
  6. Remove Built up Cobwebs
  7. Vacuum Floor Surfaces
  8. Vacuum Furniture in Family Room
  9. Wipe Down Light Switches

Kitchen -

  1. Clean Floors
  2. Clean Inside of Microwave
  3. Clean & Sanitizing Counter tops
  4. Clean & Sanitize Sink & Faucets
  5. Clean Outside of All Appliances
  6. Dust Baseboards
  7. Spot Clean Cabinet Exteriors
  8. Wipe Off Table & Chairs


  1. Clean Floors
  2. Clean & Sanitize Sink & Faucet
  3. Clean & Sanitize Tub and/or Shower
  4. Dust Baseboards
  5. Spot Clean Cabinet Exteriors
  6. Clean Mirrors

*Presidential Executive General Cleaning-

  1. Change Linens
  2. Clean Additional Glass Doors
  3. Hand Clean Baseboards
  4. Clean Ceiling Fans
  5. Clean Out Fireplace (must be unused for 5 days min.)
  6. Clean Underneath Area Rugs
  7. Clean Window Interiors
  8. Clean Woodwork
  9. Polish Silver
  10. Sweep Garage 
  11. Sweep Porch
  12. Thoroughly Clean Book Shelf
  13. Vacuum All Furniture 

*Presidential Executive Kitchen Cleaning - 

  1. Clean Cabinet Fronts
  2. Clean Exhaust Fan/Hood 
  3. Clean Inside Freezer
  4. Clean Inside Refrigerator
  5. Clean Under Stove Top
  6. Thoroughly Clean Cabinets
  7. Wash Out Trash Cans
  8. Wash Walls (Only Latex Paint)

*Presidential Executive Bathroom Cleaning -

  1. Clean inside empty cabinets & drawers
  2. Clean Interior Windows
  3. Wash Woodwork

*Additional Presidential Executive Services    (Not included in Presidential Services Package)

  1. Clean Inside Oven
  2. Wash n Fold Service
  3. Organizing Projects
  4. ***Hardwood and Carpet Cleaning
  5. ***Mobile Car Detailing
  6. ***Lawn Care Service

*** = New Additional Services