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While you are focusing on closing contracts, acquiring new patients, signing new tenants,  and brokering deals we make your job easier by giving your office the professional, clean, and organized look and feel. With our commercial services, we provide a service that creates a comfortable work environment for you and your employees while also catching the attention of future clients and customers. Studies that have been conducted will show that office cleanliness is extremely important to success of your business.

Which do you believe is cleaner?

 Bathroom toilet vs. Office Desk

 Research shows that there are over 400 times the amount of germs on an Office desks than on even a bathroom toilet. Because of this on average employees in the United States take around 7 sick days per year which decrease work productivity. The Cleaning Executives can aid in work productivity by implementing routine sanitizing cleanings that prevent spreading of germs in your office space. Like most businesses, you have invested a lot of time and money to build your company to success it is today! We are here to maintain and enhance the value of your investment.

You hold back no expense to put the most value in your building. Your tenants are paying monthly rentals expect that their place will be kept in exceptional condition. The Cleaning Executives are able to provide a tailored service for your property that is noticeable the minute anyone steps on your property! Why not invest in a service that will take care of your business like it is their own!